• Professional Turnstile Manufacturer

    Over 10 Years producing world-class entry and exit systems. We’ve helped hundreds of custom user designs and installation facilities.

  • One stop shop, with many ready-made solutions

    Contact us for professional service, we can produce the design and drawings to fit your site dimensions.

  • State of the art mechanisms

    Using German made servo motors, for long durability, and the Japanese made passthrough detection sensors.

  • A perfectly suited range of models

    Some of our new styles available in 2019 styles,

  • Tripod Turnstile Mechanism

    170+ individual parts manufactured to 0.01% tolerance.

  • Full Height Turnstiles

    Large External use single or two-way access. Perfect for public events

  • Tripod Turnstile

    Showing the tripod turnstile in action.

Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstiles reliable and efficient. The conventional method to ensure only authorized users access to an area or a building.

Flap Barriers

Flap Barriers the automatic security gate, with safety in mind. Famous for stations, office entrances, and airports, etc.

Swing Gate

Swing Gate Barrier discreet size for the single or dual way entry. Variations of the gate for wide or narrow passages.

Full Height

Full Height Turnstiles with all stainless steel construction. Designed for outdoor use in a large area, or large-traffic public events.

Project Planning

We can provide you with a detailed layout and drawings because we employ a full-time CAD engineer.


Company Logos on the Flaps, Silk screening on products, because we do all production in-house for a turnkey solution.

Full Support

Unsure about connections? Even compatible with your brand access control system? Help is here from our engineers.

Recent Models

Latest products released, click on item for product details below.

SSS-3080 Flap Turnstile

The Highest Quality!

We use only the best quality materials and make use of a high-level planning machine; this gives the best quality smooth curves and the most exquisite quality finish.

Stainless Steel
Brushless Motors
Custom Controller
Planning Machine