Uses the best quality SUS304.


Wide entry distance over 550mm (21 inches)


Curved edge design, gives a small footprint feeling of size.

Product Details

Material SUS304 stainless steel optional with SUS316L
Voltage AC110/220 ±10% 50/60Hz ±10% (specify when ordering)
Electromotor Hydraulic or Brushless motor 24V 40W with fully auto model
Dimensions Width 1500mm Depth 1350mm and 2300mm Heigh
Operation full-auto type, semi-auto type, and manual type
Rotation 0.5 seconds
Direction Single or bi-directional
LED light Entry or No-entry display
Environment Indoor or Outdoor optional canopy cover
Pass speed 40~40 persons/minute
MTBF >5 million
Temperature Indoor/Outdoor -10℃—50℃ Relative humidity:≤90%
Input interface Dry contact signal or +12V signal or pulse
Communications RS485


The full height turnstile is assembled to provide a ridged steel framework shell. Ideal for outdoor installations as it provides high durability and tensile strength. All parts made with SUS304 1.5-3.0mm stainless steel material to provide rustproof and high-quality durability.

The turnstile can be set to always be push revolved in an emergency, thus, allow unhindered passage.

Standard Functionality

  • Passage width 650mm
  • High visible LED direction arrow plate.
  • Swipe card memory function.
  • External long-range management and control via computer.
  • Optional with Face detection biometric.
  • Two or Five-year warranty models.